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Did you know that there are literally thousands of failing and failed septic systems that require costly
repair or replacement? To avoid these huge costs, we offer a novel microbial technology that we are
extremely confident in. This technology differs from all other products in process, type and performance. It
can enhance your septic system and keep it trouble-free for years to come with regular use, and even resolve
a wide range of difficult and potiental problems.

So you’re asking yourself, “Does this stuff really work and why do I need it?”

Good question. There are a lot of products out there that make some crazy claims. For example, if it says,
“You’ll never need to have your system pumped again,” stay away from it! Don’t waste your money.

Not only do you want to have your system pumped on a regular basis, but it is so important that regulatory agencies and municipalities require that homeowners service their system every 2-3 years “to protect ground water sources.”

Septic pumpers refer to your septic system as “on-site wastewater treatment.” That’s because there is a lot more to septic than just the tank. You have a giant field underground, where the waste water from your tank flows. Once in this “drain field” (sometimes called the “leechfield”) water works its way through the ground. As the water, or what septic pros call the “effluent,” filters through the ground, impurities are removed. The water eventually re-enters the natural water table and is recycled.

Your home is equipped with a real wastewater system that mirrors the treatment plants used by cities. Your on-site system is designed as a biological purification process for the waste generated in your home. It’s goal is the biological removal of waste, organic matter and pathogens, and the return of clean, clear water to the environment for reuse. Please note! Only you can make sure your system continues to work according to design by servicing your system on a regular basis!

Your on-site wastewater treatment system consists of two separate stages. The first stage is the waste receiving tank of 1,000 to 1,500 gallons or more. This is called a “septic tank.” This stage is designed to trap and allow organic and inorganic waste solids to settle, and promote the partial biological breakdown and removal of organic matter before the water flows to the second stage, which is called an “absorption area.”

While everyone is aware of the first stage tank being called a “septic tank,” and the need to service it (i.e. pump the system on a regular basis), the heart of your on-site system is the “absorption area.” This is commonly called a “drain field.” Once the septic effluent enters the absorption field the water is biologically clarified as the water works its way through the ground. The water eventually re-enters the natural water table and is recycled. Keep in mind that you can pump a bad septic tank. However, when the drain field fails in most cases the field must be replaced at a significant cost. Replacement of an absorption area can run from $9,000 to $30,000 depending on the design requirements for your area. In all cases, servicing your system on a regular basis assures that excessive solids are not carried over to the absorption area. The life of your system is extended based on the care you take in it’s maintenance.

The absorption field is the area that normally fails in poorly serviced systems. Failure can result from many factors, which include: poor design, improper installation, inadequate service, high organic loading from large families or excessive water use. Watch running toilets as one toilet can generate as much as 2,800 gallons a day for a system designed for 300-400 gallons a day. Other factors include high loading of fats, oils, grease, chemicals (including bleach and paint), high tissue use, excessive water softener generation and medications. The first sign of system failure may be odor, slow toilets, back-ups in the home and leaching of black septic water to the surface of your lawn.

The organic waste going through the absorption field must be biologically broken down and removed at the same rate it is being added. This process relies on microbes that form a bio film around every single particle of soil and media within the absorption area. Bio films collect and store the organic matter, and biologically remove the waste via oxidation. Problems in this critical area can result from a reduction in microorganisms in the drain field due to chemicals or medications, pH shock, and the addition of slow-to-degrade waste. The reduction in biological activity results in the build-up of waste matter at a greater rate than the biological removal process. This results in the conversion of the systems aerobic (oxygen) bio film to a slow anaerobic (no oxygen) oxidation bio mat. When this happens your drain field is lost and costly repairs will follow!

There is a simple tool that you can use, combined with good system service to protect your system from failure and assure continued problem-free service year after year.

One of the best products available in septic is Pro-Pump/HC, a non-toxic, live liquid culture concentrate designed specifically for septic system use. This is the best bio-formulation we offer to improve septic system performance.

We believe that Pro-Pump/HC really works and can make a difference in your system. We recommend that you add one gallon to your septic tank after pumping or any time you want to assure your system is working to design, and then add one quart every six months. This is quite literally the best insurance you can buy for your septic system!

While Pro-Pump/HC is our first choice in system maintenance, keep in mind that we offer a full line of Pro-Pump biological products in liquid and dry form, and ready-to-use septic packets. These microbial formulations represent the very best septic technology available today.

To assure your system runs problem-free, we recommend you talk to your septic pumper. Your pumper is the best resource available to keep your system working to design for years to come.

When you receive your Pro-Pump/HC, this great stuff smells really bad. There is a saying at Septicjoe.com that goes “If it doesn’t smell like Pro-Pump, it doesn’t work like Pro-Pump!” Pro-Pump/HC actually reduces odor by metabolizing the hydrogen sulfide in your system. This results in less of that “rotten egg” smell. Pro-Pump/HC may smell bad, but it works great and will eliminate system odor fast. We recommend adding Pro-Pump/HC directly to the septic tank.

Regular treatment with Pro-Pump/HC and supporting products: Pro-Pump/SP packets or liquid Pro-Pump/TST, along with regular pumping, will ensure your septic system works properly for years to come. Remember that there is more to your septic system than just the septic tank. Take care of the entire system, including the absorption field, because that is where the real work takes place.

You can count on Pro-Pump/HC to enhance your system’s performance!

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